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Sensory Analysis of Wine Sensory Analysis of Wine

Sensory Analysis of Wine

We are now offering sensory testing for your wine. There are three options available:

Troubleshooting: Identifying wine flaws or undesirable characteristics. 
Sample Size: 750 mL
Cost: $80

Questions you may be asking: 
-What happened to this wine?
-How do I prevent this from happening again?
-Can this problem be fixed?

Sensory Evaluation: A descriptive analysis for a complete wine aroma and flavor profile.
Sample Size: 750 mL
Cost: $80

Your report will include a description of the distinct characteristics of the wine that can be used for tasting notes, spec sheets, sales teams, restaurants or tasting rooms. 

Wine Stylizing: When bottling season approaches and wine competition entry deadlines near, you may be thinking about final adjustments to enhance your wines. We can help!
Sample Size: 750 mL
Cost: First hour $100 (each additional hour $75)

-Boost a Silver Medal wine to a Gold Medal winner
-Balance sugar, acid, and tannins
-Lengthen the finish and build up the structure to get full potential from wine