Olive Oil

The California Olive Oil Council Seal Certification Program has the following chemical requirements for extra virgin olive oil for those producing less than 5000 gallons.

  • Free Fatty Acid (FFA) – less than 0.5%
  • Peroxide Value (PV) – less than 15 meq O2/kg
  • UV Analysis
    • A232: less than 2.4
    • A270: less than 0.22
    • ΔK: less than 0.01

Polyphenols, although not a required test by COOC, is of interest to many olive oil producers as it is a measure of antioxidants in olive oil. Some varietals, such as Koroneiki, naturally produce high levels of polyphenols, resulting in a strong (3 cough) sensation upon tasting.

Polyphenol values in mg tyrosol/kg:

<250 mg/kg: Low
250 -400 mg/kg: Medium
400 - 550 mg/kg: High
> 550 mg/kg: Very High

Induction Time for Calculating Best Before Date:
The Rancimat test (Induction Time) is used in the plant oil industry for predicting rancidity. It works by blowing air through a heated sample and measuring the time until the oil goes rancid. Best before date (BBD) can be estimated for EVOO. 

BWGA offers the following for Olive Oil

  • Under 5000 Pack- for producers of  <5000 gal.  Free Fatty Acidity, Peroxide and UV Analysis: $80
  • Polyphenols: optional test, $80
  • Best Before Date, $80
  • Sample size: 100mL

Please ship samples via UPS/FedEx/GSO to:
825 Riverside Ave. #3
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Download Labels Here! Label Template: Avery 5163
Stop by the lab for complimentary sample tubes!


The first couple of times we were asked to analyze vinegar here at the lab, it was due to a ‘Wines Gone Bad’ situation. But in the past several years, gourmet vinegars - planned and hand crafted – have become much more common. Pomegranate vinegars, plum vinegars, red, white and rose wine vinegars, peach vinegars - so much variety.

We are asked to analyze for the percent acidity of the vinegars, and so we do.

Vinegar Titration: $22
Sample size: 50mL