We offer analytical services for both the home brewer and commercial breweries.

Dr. Brenda Baker and Kayla Slocum are TTB certified chemists for beer. Beer, like any alcoholic beverage, is highly regulated and many states (and foreign countries) require TTB certification of the alcohol content for beer coming into their territory.

Our most popular beer analysis is, not surprisingly, the alcohol content. We utilize an Anton Paar Alcolyzer ME, which accurately measures the alcohol content using a combination of densitometry and NIR technology. In addition, we can also measure specific gravity and ciders with this same system.

With the rising popularity of ‘hopped up’ beers, we can also analyze bitterness.

If you are concerned with contamination, we can also check bottle sterility to make sure no unwanted microbes are growing in your beer.

Results within 24 hours
Sample size: 300 mL

  • Alc %v/v: $25
  • Alc %w/w : $25
  • ABV/ABW: $35
  • Bitterness units (IBU’s): $35
  • Specific Gravity: $25
  • pH: $11
  • Cider Pack: ABV, ABW, Malic, Lactic, Manual TA, Acetic Acid, pH, GF: $125

Distilled Spirits

Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Whiskey, Cognac, Limoncello, Neutral Spirits. Distilled Spirits are very popular and we at Baker Wine & Grape can help you with your formulations.

The TTB is very strict regarding the accuracy of the alcohol content in distilled spirits. The Anton Paar Alcolyzer ME utilized at Baker Wine & Grape is accurate to 0.02% alcohol. Our range for this instrument is up to 70% alcohol and 20 g/L of extract. If you have a particularly sweet distilled beverage, please let us know so we can prepare the sample for analysis.

Results within 24 hours
Sample size: 100 mL -

  • Alc % v/v: $25
  • Sucrose: $27.50
  • Glucose + Fructose: $22